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Cabling Services
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Cabling services for the New England area

Through our partnerships ATS is committed to providing our clients with the latest Structured Cabling Systems, such as, Fiber Optics, CAT5, CAT5E, and CAT6 cable systems that are capable of Gigabit speeds.  ATS is unique in its approach to customizing each client Network Design or Structured Cable System.  ATS listens to our customers and makes all design recommendations based on the current and future requirements of each company. ATS is dedicated to being the most responsive, service oriented company in this industry. 

Installation of networks ranging from less than 10 nodes to multi-site Voice, Data and Video networks.

Extensive experience with the installation of many different network topologies using media such as, Fiber Optic Cable, CAT5, CAT5E and CAT6 UTP, Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL). 

The expertise and training to install both Indoor and Outdoor cable systems. 

Successful completion of Structured Cable Installations in Hospitals, Office environments, Clean-Room and LAB environments, College Campuses, Manufacturing environments, Banking facilities and many other types of businesses.

Recertification Of Existing Cable Systems, Security Systems, Sound/Paging Systems, Sound Masking Systems, Wireless Systems, Video Systems, Voice Over IP (VoIP) Systems and 10/100/1000baseT EtherNet Network Equipment.

DSLAMs, DS0/1/3 Mini-Coax Cables, DS0 Pots, DC Power cables H Tap to Fuse Panels, GPS Antennas, Turnstone equipment, Cisco equipment, BDFB, Fiber Duct, PSAX equipment, Cable Trays and Ladder Racking, BellCore Standard Racks, CAT5/6 LAN cables, AnyMedia, Alarm cables, etc.

RECERTIFICATION of existing CAT5/5E/6 Cable Systems to verify their conformance to the latest standards and new Network types such as, 100baseT and 1000baseT.

 LAN, WAN and Enterprise Design Services plus Network Analyzer Services.

 CAT5/5E/6 UTP and Fiber Optic Installation, Certification or Troubleshooting.

 CAD/CAM Services for As-builts (VISIO 2000 & ACAD 14 or higher).

 Premises Video, Security & Alarm Installations, Sound/Paging and Sound Masking.

 Site Survey Projects.

 On-Site Project Management Services.

 Telephone Moves, Adds & Changes, Switch Sales and Installation.

 InterNet & IntraNet Services.

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